Pizza, Potholes, and Phree Advertising?


pizza cheese slip

As a teacher, the emphasis on engaging the community and working toward a partnership of sorts between school and city has long been a reality for me.

Evidently, the pizza industry is jumping on the bandwagon … with my longtime pizza go to, Domino’s, leading the charge.

From UPI:

Domino’s announced it is partnering with U.S. cities to fill potholes and stamp them with the company’s logo to avoid letting “bad potholes ruin good pizza.”

The pizzeria chain, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., announced it is partnering with cities across the country to repair potholes and is seeking recommendations from customers for more cities.

So far, isolated cities in Georgia, Texas, California, and Delaware are on board. Could this catch on elsewhere, though?
I mean, I’ve had a lot of pizza delivered to me in my lifetime. A real lot.
And sometimes the cheese has made a messy slide that makes you wish you’d just gone and driven the stupid twelve minutes to the Domino’s store yourself.
Certainly Domino’s should be lauded for coming out and stating via news release that, “Potholes, cracks and bumps in the road can cause irreversible damage to your pizza” … but I have two concerns.
1. Is this news to anyone? I mean, I accidentally spill half my purse contents half the time when I’m driving because of potholes, bumps, and, yes, slamming on my brakes. The havoc this could wreak on a sensitive pizza pie is not in question.
2. Should Domino’s receive advertising through this? I mean, it’s a win/win for the pizza giant–easier roads, and according to UPI, the company’s logo stamped on the former potholes, along with the message: “Oh yes we did!”
Yes, they did the work and solved a shared problem … but I predict their sales are going to skyrocket as a result.
So is this an example of big companies helping out the communities in a symbiotic way, or is it weasling your way into free advertising?
Oh, and if you’re interested in nominating your area for Domino’s Paving for Pizza initiative (I swear I did not make that up), you can do so here.



  1. Man, I’m a little scared to come home to a life where this is a conversation!!
    Seriously though, I think it’s whatever. Pot holes suck and I’m all for them being fixed, regardless of who does it. That being said, it does make me wonder if it’s actually safe for the DOMINOS logo to be painted on the road. I can imagine driving along, with my imperfect vision despite wearing glasses, and slamming my brakes on potentially causing an accident before I could clearly see what was written on the pavement.

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    • I guess I just can’t decide if I’m thrilled about fewer potholes or shocked that Domino’s of all places (because as you know I’ve had about 7.2 Domino’s pizzas delivered in my lifetime ;-)) is the one on top of this


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